Cheyenne Police & SWAT GAR-15 Demo Video

Griffin Arms owners recently teamed up with Cheyenne Police Department, Laramie County SWAT and Cheyenne SWAT to demo the GAR-15 line of rifles. Watch the video below to see highlights from the day.

GAR-15 Rifle Demo - CPD & SWAT from Griffin Arms on Vimeo.

''I've been shooting M-16's and copies of the 16's since 1968. The early ones felt crude and cheap. The Griffin E3 that I purchased feels solid. It looks nice and it feels right. Very nice rifle.''
Erin M. - Cheyenne, Wyoming
''Very clean in fit and finish. Accuracy above par. A well built rifle. Outstanding customer service. Nicely done Griffin!''
JD - Wyoming
''I think it is great that [Griffin Arms rifles] are made in Cheyenne, Wyoming, it was a large part of my decision to purchase from Griffin.''
Greg H. - Laramie, Wyoming
''Hands down the most comfortable AR I have ever held.''
Scott S. - Cheyenne, Wyoming
''I stopped by Gabel's gunworks today and checked out your rifles. Very impressed with the quality and prices. I am happy that Cheyenne has Custom AR Market now.''
Jeremy H. - Cheyenne, Wyoming

Owner, Matt Johnson, shows off the GAR-15 models E9 and O1. Click for details and specs on the E9 model and O1 model.

Griffin Arms owner, Matt Johnson, shows off the GAR-15 models E9 and O1.
Off-road "assault vehicle" equipped with two GAR-15 rifles. Click here to compare models of the GAR-15.
Off-Road "Assault Vehicle"
"The Patriot" is a limited-production GAR-15 rifle – only 100 of this series will be built! It features a custom patriotic finish on the upper and lower receiver. Click the title above for more details on this special rifle!

Price: $1,776

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